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+27 780648778 info@viemmatourscapetown.co.za

We offer tours in PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH around the iconic city of CAPE TOWN including top attractions such as: TABLE MOUNTAIN, ROBBEN ISLAND, BIG 5 SAFARIKIRSTENBOSCH BOTANICAL GARDEN and many more. We also have packages designed to make it easy for you to plan your holidays, vacation or conference with TRANSFERS FOR GROUPS OR PRIVATE  as well as ADVENTURE TOURS for the adreneline lovers.

Being in a country you never been before can be a little challenging, especially if on top of being the first time you also do not speak the language that most people speak in that country let alone the indigenous languages.Here is what we have prepared for you

Enjoy the breathtaking views, friendly locals, and lots of history. We visit:

TABLE MOUNTAIN,ROBBEN ISLAND,CAPE POINT,KIRSTENBOSCH BOTANICAL GARDENS, or take you to a PRIVATE GAME RESERVE(SAFARI) or SHARK CAGE DIVING in one of the world’s shark hotspots. Our tours are designed around your personal needs and interests, please advise us of any special requests…

With VIEMMA TOURS, expect a breath taking experience that will leave a mark in your memory about SOUTH AFRICA, specially the WESTERN CAPE/CAPE TOWN. Our team with a wealth of experience in the tourism industry offers a service that will help you navigate through Cape Town’s top attractions. Explore the magnificent beauty of the iconic TABLE MOUNTAIN merged with the HISTORIACAL FACTS IN PORTUGUESE of the well known ROBBEN ISLAND. Our tours are guaranteed to meet your unique adventure needs…

Do you want to have more time having fun than researching to find a tour? Well look no further. This page will answer that question for you. Select one of our packages below so you don’t have to worry about spending so much time preparing a tour because we have packaged everything for you in one go. From HOTELS to BOAT CRUISES, SAFARIS and PORTUGUESE TOURIST GUIDE, we’ve made it easy for you to just pack your bags and go!…


You can have great tours with us, but that’s not all. We have great accommodations lined up for you so that once you are done with all the adventures you can have a good rest at one of our HOTELS  or GUEST HOUSES and what’s more is that when you choose this option with a tour we give you free breakfast for every tour you choose. I don’t think it gets any better than this!…

Portuguese tours in Cape Town

Some of the companies that experienced our tours/Affiliation

"Fomos muito bem assistidos pelo SEBASTIAN que nos levou a conhecer os principais pontos turísticos de Cape Town e adjacências, compartilhando histórias e explicações que enriqueceram o passeio, dando total assistência ao nosso grupo, demonstrando conhecimento, preparo e prestatividade."
“Our hotel in Cape Town recommended Viemma Tours shuttle service and our tour guide SEBASTIAN PEDRO was the BEST. Very knowledgeable on the area and we couldn't have been happier with the outstanding service he provided."
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